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Poland is one of the most important economic partners of Germany. Brandenburg’s eastern neighboring country is especially economically important to it. As a biggest neighboring country in Eastern Europe polish economy has a great impact on the economy of Germany and the other way round.

A large amount of german companies already operate on the polish market and the number is still growing. Thanks to the free movement of labor german labor market became very interesting for polish workers. Thanks to the open borders german labor market is open for skilled workers from Poland. Our location in Frankfurt brings us to a lot of cross-border clients.

We give legal advice mainly to small and medium-sized cross-border enterprises. We also help private individuals.

We work with our strong and qualified partner in Poland (for cases in Poland):

Legal Adviser Marcin Malaga
ul. Kościuszki 15A
56-300 Milicz
tel. + 49 662-758-935

A consultation in Poland is also possible in german.