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Labor law

The labor law regulates relations between employer and employee. It concerns every employed person and doesn’t only protect employees, but also the employing company. Job is a livelihood for most employees. Many of them fall into economic hardship in case of an employment termination or no salary payment. One of the most important things for a well-functioning company is that the employees work productively and qualitatively. A coordinated cooperation is necessary for that. However it comes here to a lot of problems and conflicts. We will gladly help you to avoid any conflicts and to solve them. Our range of services extends from drawing up employment contracts, through to changes of working terms and conditions and enforcement of compensation in case of a wrongful termination. We represent employees as well as employers. We know the problems and issues on both sides.

Problems and solutions for the employee

Have you been wrongfully discharged? We will check if it’s legal and take legal action for your reinstatement or severance pay. We will also advise you competently if you have been discharged due to illness or in a result of compulsory redundancy. We also represent our clients in case of work-related accidents.

If you don’t get your salary on time or not the full amount of it, we will take legal action to guarantee the overdue payment.

Overwork and insults by the chief or co-workers are strictly inadmissible. It also applies for any kind of discrimination- in the recruitment and selection process as well as during employment. The people concerned are often afraid to resist the current situation. It is not necessary! Every employee has the right to be treated fairly and respectfully. If it’s not like this, there’s a plenty of legal possibilities to improve the situation.

Problems and solutions for the employer

Motivated and reliable staff means a lot to every employer. Every kind of conflict is counter-productive. Good and all-encompassing employment contracts are often useful to avoid any problems form the beginning. We will draw them up for you! We will gladly help you, if there are still any problems. There are solutions such as a termination or a termination agreement, if a termination of employment seems to be unavoidable.

What we do

Ideally, If you come to us as an employer or an employee already before you start an employment. A good employment contract lets a lot of problems never come up. If it’s too late for that, it is normally our aim to find a possibly fastest and satisfying way to solve your problem. It is recommended in many cases to look for an extrajudicial solution. This is what we normally aim for. If it doesn’t work and there is no possibility to achieve a settlement, we will enforce your right also in court.

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