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Attorney’s fee

The attorney’s remuneration in Germany is calculated according to the respective law. We charge every court action in a normal case according to these regulations. The attorney receives a fee for any extrajudicial legal advice as well as for the legal representation. Our job is to avoid any unnecessary costs for you and give you advice in this regard. We will inform you about the expected costs during the first consultation.

In all other cases, especially in pure consulting services we will present you an individual offer. In a normal case there is a fixed price agreed before the case begins. The fee depends on the estimated time and effort spent on the particular case. We will certainly inform you in advance about the final fee.

If you own a legal expenses insurance, we will request a cost coverage from your insurer. If we get a binding receipt, we will charge your insurer directly. We need your insurance policy and the general insurance conditions. We kindly ask you to bring them to the first meeting with you.

If you have limited financial means as a private individual, there is a possibility to apply for legal aid and advice. We will gladly help you with that. It won’t cost you more than 15,- Euro.

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