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China has been the biggest trading nation for the last few years. Chinese economy is characterized by a dynamic, which is not imaginable for Germany. The change from the country with a low-wage economy and the production site of the world to the High-tech industry location occurred within a few years. The research and development are becoming more and more important. For the last couple of years Chinese politics has followed the intensive “Going Global” strategy. It leads to a lot of foreign investments. China is already one of Germany’s foreign top investors. The domestic market of China is characterized by a steady growing internal demand. High quality products are more and more requested. The label “Made in Germany” still means a lot. This is why German companies, which invest in China are still very important and demanded. Besides the high quality products, for example the industry of environmental technology.

You want to invest in China? You’re a Chinese entrepreneur and want to invest in Germany?

We will gladly help you to achieve your goal. Mr. Yao, the contact person is available for you in Peking. Mr. Yao speaks German and Chinese fluently. He will help you with establishing a company, but also with a search for a business partner. Mr. Yao is also the first contact person for Chinese investors in Peking, who are interested in investments in Germany. Here you can find further information and Mr. Yao’s contact data.

We also cooperate with a competent law firm in Peking, which is specialized in establishing of companies.