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Business Law

We offer you professional legal aid services in every field of business law, primarily in competition law, company law and commercial law. There are often a lot of legal issues in this area of law. From conclusion of contracts to a merger – we will support you in every way possible when it comes to commercial law.

Competition law

Your competitor uses improper methods, like dissemination of false facts or impediment of competition? He violates the regulations of the UWG (Unfair Competition Act). It also applies to betrayal of trade secrets. However, there are a lot of claims available for you to defend yourself against such practices. You don’t need to go to court directly! It’s advisable to assert the UWG claims by a warning letter. The adverse party is requested to refrain from anti-competitive practices in the future. It is also possible to claim compensation for the lawyer’s fee from the opposing party. However, if you still want to enforce your claim in court, we will naturally support you all the way.

Did you get a cease and desist letter yourself? You shouldn’t sign anything in a hurry. Contact us and we will present you all possibilities, related to the individual case, how to defend yourself against the warning letter. We will find a best possible alternative and advise you how to avoid such problems in the future.

Company law

Do you need legal aid in the field of company law? We advise startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. From establishing of a company, across conversion and merger to advice in winding up procedure – we are ready to answer all of your company law related questions.

There are a lot of company types and each of them has advantages. Partnership or corporation? General or limited partnership? Having regard to all of your interests and other important points, we will help you choose the best type of company, and we will draw up a contract of association for you. We will support you in (also cross-border) transactions as well as in company law related conflicts. You have questions about shareholders’ termination or exclusion of shareholders? Contact us and let us advise you in this regard.

Commercial law

Commercial law is particularly structured for enterprises and thereby an important field of law for every company. Lawyer’s help might be necessary when it comes to a non-fulfilment of contract. We are ready to assert your claims in court and extrajudicial as well as to defend you against a claim. More and more important point for commercial law is the e-commerce sector. We work also in this area of law and offer competent advice in online business.

Should you have any questions or problems in the area of economic law, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you and present you an individual offer.

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